HEART - This Ancient Practice Ignites Passion, Love, and Connection in Your Intimate Relationships
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  • 6+ hours of video seminars, downloadable audio meditations, PDF slides and worksheets 
  •  Guides you through the step-by-step psychological and physiological stages of love, forgiveness, hope, and letting go of bitterness or resentment
  •  How to cure your neediness so you can attract a great partner and enjoy a relationship full of passion, connection, and love
  •  How to uncover your partner’s emotional needs, and how to fulfill them so they become addicted to you (in a positive way!)
  •  How to bond and form a deep connection with your partner that will skyrocket your passion
  •  How emotions are the biggest factor in your relationship success and how to replace emotion downers with emotion uppers
  •  How to get rid of the obstacles preventing you from having love and passion consistently in your relationships
  •  You’ll feel lighter in your body as the blocked up energy the hurt was causing will be released at last
  •  This is a one-time payment. It is NOT a subscription product.
  •  Backed by our 30-day unconditional, money-back guarantee
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